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Importance of Outdoor Living in Hospitality

Coming from California we are bless with the fantastic year round weather so it is no surprise that we put a strong emphasis on indoor/ outdoor design.

INTENTIONAL DESIGN: It is important to CURATE the design of the outdoor space design just as you would the interior. It cannot be an afterthought. Need to be ensure that outdoor space is part of the initial design process to elevate the user experience. The design needs to blend seamlessly with the style of the indoor environment. Outdoor spaces are more social environments and people gravitate to them.


TRANSITION: Two separate spaces feel like one. You want the transition to feel seamless for the user- it should not be obvious but more subconscious.

WEATHER: Understanding the exposure of the space- (salty air, view, sun)- We want ease and woven materials, powder coated and ceramic and most durable. Flow through cushion and the right colors.

COMFORT: Human scale is essential in bringing comfort. I like having some space with an overhang, umbrellas, fragrant pergola or a roof. Outdoor heaters and fans are a must to create comfort and misters in more arid climate.

LANDSCAPE: Must be easy…Less is more. Make the space into a retreat and frame the space with a hedge or view…add hints of color and layers. I am always one to incorporate local plants and grasses so it will thrive from season to season.

MOMENTS: I believe you want moments of surprise. Like a simple swing. You have areas where the tribe gathers but you also need a balance for solitude and meditation. You also want something to draw your attention (pops of color in textiles, unique signature furniture pieces, fire pit or simple drapery)

MATERIALITY: Selection of finish materials is so important for ease of maintenance, durability, aesthetic and pricing and should connect with the interiors.

TECHNOLOGY: Wireless connectivity makes it easier for everyone to enjoy the outdoors spaces for entertainment and work.
Working with great manufacturers for furniture like Botania- can bring style and longevity against the wear and tear of the natural elements.